Mission Accomplished in New Zealand

I had a wonderful trip with Wilderness Quest NZ, we got all three of the animals I was after! I shot my stag with a crossbow which was very exciting, the stag stepped out at 25 yards with no idea that we were there. For the Tahr and Chamois we set up a spike camp, up in the mountains. It was below freezing at night but the stars were beautiful! We were dropped into the area via helicopter but then hiked in and out of camp to hunt. The hunting in the mountains was harder than I expected but it gives me motivation to work out harder for my next hunt.The area is public land and it is very difficult terrain, most of the time we were balancing on the roots of plants that grew on the sides of the massive rocks we were trying to pass. As if someone was watching over us, the pieces just kept falling into place. At one point we stopped to take off jackets and realized there was a big black bull tahr standing on the ridge above us! The chamois appeared in a similar fashion, we were resting at the top of a ridge when we looked over the top there were chamois moving around on the plateau below us!  I will definitely remember this hunt!

Petersen’s Hunting Adventures: All in the Family

When Craig Boddington, arguably the world’s most experienced hunter, goes on vacation you can bet they’re not headed to an amusement park! Instead, Craig and his wife Donna are joined by Craig’s daughters Brittany and Caroline on an action packed plains game hunt in South Africa’s stunning Eastern Cape. Will age and wisdom win over youth and beauty? You be the judge!
This episode airs Sunday, May 18th at 9:00 p.m.

New Episode of Petersen’s Hunting Adventures

News Flash! Everyone get ready for this week’s episode of Petersen’s Hunting airing at 6pm PST on May 11th! Come join me on my very first bow hunt, we’re after the two different species of Rusa deer in Australia. As always you will find us on the Sportsman’s Channel, don’t miss this one, it’s going to be a serious challenge!